My name’s Tyler. I’ve created this website as a multifunctional space to share musical content, promote gigs and services as a guitarist, and to disseminate ideas and resources on issues that are important to me, particularly anti-racism and decolonization, mental health, addiction recovery, food justice, meditation, and environmental justice. I’m constantly adding new content and always accepting feedback and dialogue.

Inspired and woken up by the tireless work of oppressed communities on this continent and around the world, I’m re-orienting my life as one dedicated to transferring power and privilege to those who have historically been without it. I’m embracing the messy and uncomfortable nature of this work and learning a lot. It is my intention that in addition to sharing musical content, that this page will serve as a public diary of sorts for that process in my life. It is my hope that through being open about my successes, failures, and everything in between that I may in some small way help others who are dedicated to that same work.

I’m just getting this site going, so there is a lot of content and re-formatting to come! I hope you’ll check back for updates, and reach our for any and all reasons.

May all beings be free from suffering.


November, 2018